virtual columns

15 credit module: Spring, intensive (April 2025) 
Senate House MakerSpace (room 265)
Course tutor: Dr Gabriel Bodard, Institutes of Classical Studies and Digital Humanities

This module runs over the course of one week, April 7–11, 2025, from 10:00–16:00 every day (plus one or two guest lectures later in the afternoon). All sessions are required. Assessment will be through planning and production of a small, practical project, by agreement with the course tutor, and a short written report on the work.

This course will introduce participants to a range of 3D technologies, from photogrammetry to 3D design software, VR and 3D printing, for the imaging, modelling and analysis of ancient and historical artefacts and buildings. Through pre-recorded tutorials and in-class supervision, we offer a mix of practical and theoretical sessions, including advice on imaging both portable objects and outdoor monuments, modelling missing or incomplete heritage, and a range of academic questions including citation and documentation of sources, intellectual property, and ethical considerations. Tuition will draw on expertise and partnerships of the Institute of Classical Studies and nearby cultural institutions.

This module is suitable for students with no previous technical experience, and interests in any aspect of the ancient world.