Research degrees in Classics

For academic year 2024-25 the Institute of Classical Studies will be pleased to accept applications in the following areas:

under the supervision of Dr Gabriel Bodard

  • Digital editing of inscriptions, papyri or manuscripts
  • Digital approaches to prosopography, onomastics or geography
  • Impact of digital methodologies on classical scholarship or teaching
  • Greek and Roman magic

under the supervision of Professor Susan Deacy

  • Ancient Greek religion (esp. gods), mythology, disability, gender and sexuality
  • Ancient Greek history, literature and culture and its postclassical receptions
  • Experiential applications of classical mythology

under the supervision of Dr Emlyn Dodd

  • Roman archaeology, including urban and rural, especially in Italy, Greece, the Aegean and Türkiye.
  • Agriculture and production from the Iron Age through Late Antiquity, especially of wine and olive oil.
  • Greek and Roman trade and economies.

under the supervision of Professor Katherine Harloe Please note that Prof. Harloe is unable to accept any new students in 2024-25.

  • History of Classical scholarship
  • Reception of Greek and Roman antiquity from the 18th to the 20th centuries
  • Greek and Roman literature
  • History of political thought
  • Gender history

under the supervision of Professor Thomas Harrison

  • Early Greek historiography, esp. Herodotus
  • Greek religion
  • Greek interactions with foreign peoples
  • The history of scholarship from the 19th to the 20th centuries

How to apply

To make an application for a research degree, please contact the Manager of the Institute. A particular research interest may be able to be supported, even though it is not listed.

It is possible to arrange co-supervision with particular experts in the Colleges of the University of London and, on occasion, with experts from institutions outside the University (e.g. the British Library, the British Museum, or other higher education institutions).

Further details about the application process, fees, and helpful information for prospective students can be found here.


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