ICS05 Slavery in the Roman World

Collared slaves

This module will not run in 2020-21

20 credits at level 7 taught spring term in the ICS
Time and Place: Thursdays 2-4, Senate House
Module Organizer: Greg Woolf, ICS

The module will introduce students to a field of ancient history where interdisciplinary work between archaeology, history, literary studies and law has been particularly important, and where there is a current focus on comparative studies. It will consider the history of slavery from the early Republic to late antiquity through a range of epigraphic, literary and material resources. After some theoretical and chronological orientation, the course will progress by seminars based around key readings (all available in or through the ICS library). Students will choose one topic on which to write a term paper which should show methodological awareness as well as knowledge of the subject matter.

Students will undertake a formative exercise in critique, and will then work on a term paper on a topic agreed with the course teacher. Assessment one 4000 word term-paper on an approved topic.

Enquiries about enrolment to Mrs Valerie James (ICS) valerie.james@sas.ac.uk