ICS04 Network Analysis of the Roman World

Peutinger table

This module will not run in 2020-21

20 credits at level 7 taught autumn term in the ICS
Time and Place: Thursdays 2-4, Senate House
Module Organizer: Greg Woolf, ICS

Students will be introduced to a range of new methodologies that have emerged in the study of the ancient world including Social Network Analysis (SNA), Urban network analysis, and Actor-Network Analysis (ANT). These will be set in the context of a wider interest in connectivity and globalization studies. The course will begin with explanation and exploration of the key terms, methods and ideas, and will move on to examine some recent applications to the ancient economy and to religious change in particular. The main focus of the course will be on the Roman period Mediterranean but important studies of the classical Greek world and the Bronze Age will also be considered.

Students will write a critical evaluation of one recent application of network analysis, and will then work on a term paper on a topic agreed with the course teacher.

Enquiries about enrolment to Mrs Valerie James (ICS) valerie.james@sas.ac.uk