ICS01 Ecology and Economy of the Roman Empire



20 credits at  level 7 taught autumn term 2020 
Time and Place: Thursdays 2-4pm online

Module Organizer: Greg Woolf, ICS

Students will be invited to think about the biological as well as the physical context of ancient economies, and the possibilities offered and constraints imposed on ancient farmers by particular nature of other biological species, animal and vegetal, with which they were engaged. The first part of the module will introduced some general principles, and these will then be explored through case studies in particular production attested by a mixture of archaeological and historical evidence. Some time will be spent discussing recent attempts to write ecologically informed histories of antiquity.

Students will undertake a formative exercise in critique, and will then work on a term paper on a topic agreed with the course teacher. Assessment  one 4000  word term-paper on an approved topic.

Enquiries about enrolment to Mrs Valerie James (ICS) valerie.james@sas.ac.uk

The course will run if 3 or more people enrol.