The ICS is delighted to announce the current themed issues of its journal, the Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies:

Roman History. Six Studies for Fergus Millar. Edited by Nicholas Purcell. 
BICS 60-1. June 2017.

Varronian Moments. Edited by Valentina Arena & Fiachra Mac Góráin. 
BICS 60-2. December 2017.

Sport and Social Identity in Classical Antiquity: Studies in Honour of Mark Golden. Edited by Sinclair Bell & Pauline Ripat. 
BICS 61-1. June 2018.

Epistolary Realities and Fictions: Essays on Roman Letters in Honour of Eleanor Winsor Leach. Edited by Teresa Ramsby & Ann Vasaly. 
BICS 61-2. December 2018.

Remembering Roman Syria. Edited by J. A. Baird & Zena Kamash.
BICS 62-1. June 2019. 

Aeschylus at Play: Studies in Aeschylean Satyr Drama. Edited by Lyndsay Coo & Anna Uhlig.
BICS 62-2. December 2019.

The Classical Vase Transformed. Consumption, Reproduction, and Class in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Britain. Edited by Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis with Edith Hall.
BICS 63-1. June 2020.

Didymus and Greco-Roman Learning. Edited by Enrico Emanuele Prodi and Thomas R.P. Coward.
BICS 63-2. December 2020 (published summer 2021).

The Ancient Scholia to Homer’s Iliad: Exegesis and Interpretation, Edited by Adrian Kelly, William Beck and Thomas Phillips. 
BICS 64-1. June 2021

Being Everybody’s Slaves. Public Slavery in Ancient and Modern World. Edited by Franco Luciani.
BICS 64-2. December 2021