This project is organised by a National Management Committee, based at the School of Advanced Study. The latest edition of the PBW can be found at Since the project was first developed, a great deal more relevant material has become available online; the current phase of the project is intended to embed our work more firmly in the web of Linked Open Data. The aim is to enhance the study of a highly complex and interdisciplinary area, and also to develop tools which can be used by scholars with other specialities.

In May 2019 the first of a planned series of workshops was held at the ICS; this was a joint undertaking with the Cultures of Knowledge project, based in Oxford ( which is exploring the challenges of early modern prosopography. By pooling our funds, we were able to invite more people (from Amsterdam, Bern, Exeter, Ghent, Helsinki, London, Munich, Oxford, Paris, Sheffield, Vienna, Warsaw, Würzburg, Zurich), across a range of projects (see; by covering such a wide range, we were forced to confront some basic issues of principle, rather than being diverted into details (for the discussions see

Over the summer of 2019 it was agreed that the Chair, Professor Charlotte Roueché (King's Collge London), would step down; her place as Chair has been taken by Professor Niels Gaul, A.G. Leventis Professor of Byzantine Studies at the University of Edinburgh. The technical responsibility for the site is still undertaken by King's Digital Lab (KCL).

In a related development Professor Richard Flower (University of Exeter), a member of the Management Committee, is developing a project to build a digital prosopography of Late Antiquity, Connecting Late Antiquities.

Professor Niels Gaul and Professor Richard Flower are Associate Fellows of the ICS.