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Institute of Classical Studies


Imagines Italicae, edited by M. H. Crawford and colleagues, is the outcome of a research project based in the combined library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies and of the Institute, beginning in 2002 and initially supported by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council.


The empire created by Rome underlies many of the structures of modern Europe, and that empire in turn was in its early stages the joint creation of Rome and the other peoples of Italy. Almost the only records left by those peoples themselves consist of the texts they inscribed and the coinages they produced. Imagines Italicae provides for the first time a complete corpus of those texts which are in one or other of the Italic languages, accompanied by photographs or drawings, a critical apparatus, an English translation where possible, a bibliography, and a full account of their discovery and archaeological context.


The corpus, geographically arranged, contains 982 entries in total, lavishly illustrated, some of them multiple, preceded by a substantial Introduction, and completed by an Appendix of Italic names occurring in Greek texts, detailed Concordances, and full epigraphic indexes.


The work is in a very real sense both that of the authors and of the 80 or so museums and libraries that welcomed the authors and helped them in every way possible, so as to enable them for the project to study and photograph their holdings; in subscribing to the work, you will both gain access to those holdings and also support the provision to each and every one of the museums and libraries in question of a copy of the work. It is a work that will make it possible for the first time to understand the complex linguistic geography of ancient Italy and to address crucial historical questions about the religion, culture, society, economy, and institutions of the peoples of Italy.


BICS Supplement 110 in 3 volumes hardbound, images, maps, concordances, indexes

Volume 1 – xxii+610pp ISBN 978-1-905670-30-7

Volume 2 – x+688pp ISBN 978-1-905670-35-2

Volume 3 – x+344pp ISBN 978-1-905670-36-9