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Institute of Classical Studies


  • Volume 1. Introduction: in dialogue with the past / Anastasia Bakogianni
  • Section 1. Theoretical approaches and concerns. Chapter 1. The audience in classical reception studies. The problem of the spectators: ancient and modern / Lorna Hardwick
  • Greek tragedy and the modern director / Helen Eastman
  • Chapter 2. Reception and the source text. Hallucination, drunkenness, and mirrors: ancient reception of modern drama / Chiara Thumiger
  • Throwing out the menos with the bath water: the Sophoclean text vs Peter Stein's Electra (2007) / Efimia D. Karakantza
  • Section 2. The classical past in Hellas. Chapter 3. Modern Greek performance reception. All the king's patriots? The Persians within the walls of nineteenth-century Athens / Gonda Van Steen
  • At the receiving end: tragic and comic intertextuality in Bost's newfangled Medea / Maria Troupi
  • Chapter 4. Byzantine receptions. Christus Patiens and the reception of Euripides' Bacchae in Byzantium / Marigo Alexopoulou
  • Tragedy in Byzantium: the reception of Sophocles in Eusthanthios' Homeric commentaries / Antony Makrinos
  • Chapter 5: The reception of ancient art in Nikos Engonopoulos. Art and poetics in NIkos Engonopoulos. The metaphysics of statues / Hara Thliveri
  • Chapter 6. The Euripidean trilogy of Michael Cacoyannis. Re-politicizing Euripides: the power of the peasantry in Michael Cacoyannis' Electra (1962) / Charles Chiasson
  • Who rules this nation: political intrigue and the struggle for power in Michael Cacoyannis' Iphigenia (1977) / Anastasia Bakogianni
  • Cacoyannis' trilogy: out of the spirit of music / Stella Voskaridou.
  • Volume 2. Introduction: in dialogue with the past 2 / Antastasia Bakogianni
  • Chapter 1. Performance reception. Feeling the words in Sophocles' Electra / Jane Montgomery Griffiths
  • Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice: a dramatic study of the Orpheus myth in reverse / Athena Coronis
  • 'Absolute Alcestis': Robert Wilson stages Euripides and Heiner Müller (Stuttgart 1987) / Hans Peter Obermayer
  • Chapter 2. Performance histories. Performances of Greek and Roman drama at the Roman theatre of Sagunto (1982-2008) / Laura Monrós-Gaspar
  • Five Medeas: Euripides in Brazil / Maria Cecília Coelho
  • Chapter 3. French receptions. 'Accidental creativity': scribes, scholars, translators, and the Iphigenia dramas of seventeenth-century France / Susanna Phillippo
  • Peladan's symbolist Prométhéide and the transformation of world in fin de siècle Paris / Paul Monaghan
  • Chapter 4. Latin receptions. The attack-scene in Euripides' Alexandros and its reception in Etruscan art / Ioanna Karamanou
  • Imperial love affairs on the stage: the pseudo-Senecan Praetexta Octavia and the opera Il Nerone (1679) / Gesine Manuwald
  • Contaminatio and adaptation: the modern reception of ancient drama as an aid to understanding Roman comedy / Lisa Maurice
  • Index.