Want to keep up with news of classics and all things classical during the pandemic? Why not subscribe to a few classical blogs?

There are hundreds of blogs out there serving different special interest groups within classical and the ancient world, to say nothing of blogs for departments and research projects.

Our recommendations just gather a few that offer classical commentary on topical affairs, especially in the UK, and also a few blogs that are good places to look for news of events and opportunities from around the world.

Commenting on ancient and modern

Sphinx is the blog of Neville Morley, commenting on the politics and practice of research and teaching in Classics, on higher education policy, and especially on the significance of the past for the present. Quite a bit of Thucydides too.

A Don’s Life is where Mary Beard “muses on things ancient and modern”.

Lugobelinus Llewelyn Morgan blogging on Latin poetry, ancient Rome, Oxford and Bamiyan.

History from Below Musings on Daily Life in the Ancient and Early Medieval Mediterranean By Sarah E. Bond.

Edithorial Edith Hall on Greece and Rome and their afterlife.

Pompeian Connections is Virginia Campbell’s blog on ancient writing, networks, archaeology and epigraphy beginning from Pompeii.

Caveat Lector is the blog of our Visiting Fellow Abigail Graham who writes on epigraphy, Roman history and the present day.

Everyday Orientalism on how history and power shape the way in which human societies define themselves through the “Other”.

https://thepetrifiedmuse.blog/ Peter Kruschwitz on epigraphy, Roman culture and much else.

Blogging the classical news

Rogue Classicism is the ultimate daily record of news on conferences, archaeological finds, online articles and the activities of classical bodies from around the world.

Res Australes provides resources for studying the classical and ancient world from Australia and New Zealand.

The Stoa Blog, hosted by the ICS, is the go-to place for news of seminars, conferences and training in Digital Classics, and the blog of The Digital Classicist, edited principally by our Reader in Digital Classics, Gabriel Bodard.

Advocating Classical Education blogs on making classical civilization and ancient history as widely available as possible within UK schools.

Classical Reception Studies Network exchanges information and to encourage collaboration in the field of classical reception studies, on a global scale.

Ancient World Online (AWOL) with news of Open Access sources and much else.

Greco-Roman Legacy in Egypt Usama Gad with news about publications, activities and more related to Arabic scholarship in the field of Greco-Roman studies.

Classical Societies of the World

A number of classical organizations also have their blogs, among them

FIEC, the International Federation of Associations of Classical Studies.

SCS, the Society of Classical Studies.

The CA, the blog of the Classical Association.

The WCC, the Women’s Classical Committee.

CUCD, the Council of University Classical Departments, also hosted by ICS.

And finally…

The ICS’s own blog, with news of events and public engagement initiatives we have sponsored, of our publications and of the work of all our visitors and staff members. 

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Some other Classical Bloggers
Classically Inclined (Liz Gloyn)
Ancient and Modern Rhetoric (Jon Hesk)
It’s all Greek to me (Anna Judson)
Classics at the Intersections (Rebecca Futo Kennedy)
Katherine McDonald
Following Hadrian (Carole Raddato)
Adventures in my head (Liv Yarrow)
The Book Binder’s Daughter (Melissa Beck)