The ICS has a commitment to sharing research in Classics and related subjects with wider audiences beyond academia. We host our own series of public events (including some in conjunction with the Being Human festival of humanities research led by School of Advanced Study colleagues) as well as providing training and support to enable colleagues elsewhere to make their work accessible and engaging for wider publics. Our training programme has included in-person events in London and at Manchester Metropolitan University and a public engagement showcase at the 2019 Classical Association/FIEC conference, as well as online training resources and events. We have produced a free online self-study course for those wishing to learn more about engaging wider publics with their work. You can access this here [currently being transferred to a new platform]. In 2019 we ran a comprehensive survey of public engagement activity among Classics researchers across the UK.

We also run a small grants scheme which provides researchers in classics the opportunity to try out their own public engagement projects, and for 2020 we had one-off awards available for outstanding public-facing work.

Public engagement activities hosted or supported by the ICS feature regularly on our blog.

A Public Engagement Workshop will be taking place in Manchester on 20 May 2023 on Ancient World Studies and Fairer Societies.