The regular competitions for these Fellowships, and subsequent visits by the Fellows, have been affected by the pandemic.

T.B.L. Webster Fellow 2019-20

Professor Johanna Hanink (Brown University) - postponed

T.B.L. Webster Fellow 2020-21

Professor Carol Dougherty (Wellesley College) - postponed to May 2022

A.D. Trendall Fellow 2020-21

Professor Marion Meyer (University of Vienna) - postponed to April-June 2022

Dorothy Tarrant Fellows 2019-20

Professor Ann Brysbaert (Leiden University) - postponed

Professor Judith Evans-Grubbs (Emory University) - postponed

Dorothy Tarrant Fellows 2020-21

Professor Johannes Baltussen (University of Adelaide) - postponed to early 2023

Professor Patricia A. Rosenmeyer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) - postponed to May-June 2022