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Professor Marco Fantuzzi

Visiting Fellow

(University of Roehampton)

1 January 2023 - 31 December 2023

Non-stipendiary Research Fellow

1 January 2024 - 31 December 2025

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Marco Fantuzzi has been Visiting Professor of Greek Literature at Columbia University, New York, and Professor at the University of Macerata (Italy) and at Roehampton University, London. He is a member of the board of Bryn Mawr Classical Review, Materiali e Discussioni per l’analisi dei testi classici, Seminari Romani di Cultura Greca, and the author of Bionis Smyrnaei “Adonidis epitaphium”, Liverpool 1985; Ricerche su Apollonio Rodio, Rome, 1988; Tradition and Innovation in Hellenistic Poetry, Cambridge 2004 (with R. Hunter); Achilles in Love. Intertextual Studies, Oxford 2012. He co-edited (with R. Pretagostini) Struttura e storia dell’esametro greco, Rome 1995–6, (with T. Papanghelis) Brill’s Companion to Greek and Latin Pastoral, Leiden 200, (with C. Tsagalis), A Companion to the Epic Cycle (Cambridge University Press 2017), and recently completed a full scale commentary on the Rhesus ascribed to Euripides for the series "Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries".

Research interests: Greek Drama; Hellenistic Poetry; Homer; Greek Lyric Poetry; Greek and Latin Metrics; Sexuality Studies; Ancient Literary Criticism and Scholarship; Greek Verse-Inscriptions; Reception of Archaic and Classical Literature in the Greco-Roman World; Modern Theories of Literary Criticism; History of Classical Scholarship