I am Associate Professor of Classics at University of Patras, Greece. I specialize in Greek Comedy, and I particularly enjoy working with comic fragments. I am a collaborator of the international project on Greek Comedy “KomFrag” (funded by the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences); having so far published two monographs within the project’s series (one on Amphis and one on Ephippus), I intend to take advantage of my time at the ICS to work on another monograph on three fragmentarily surviving comic playwrights. Regarding comic satire (Aristophanic and other), in my recent publications I attempted an innovative and interdisciplinary approach using the hermeneutic tools of recent psychological studies. My other research interests, apart from Comedy, lie in the fields of Athenian Democracy, Greek political thought, textual criticism, Greek tragedy, and phlyacography. Further details on my other monographs and publications can be found on my Academia page.