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February 21, 23, 25 2022, 15.30–16.30 GMT

Christopher Ohge (IES), Gabriel Bodard (ICS)

Standard £100 | Concession (Unwaged/Unfunded) £30

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This workshop introduces the use of TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) XML for marking up literary and historical texts and critical editions. Delivered via a mix of asynchronous video tutorials and brief live sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will offer basic instruction in encoding text editions in TEI using a standard XML editor. Participants will be introduces a two different approaches to TEI usage and subsets (including EpiDoc for ancient texts, and modern multi-genre manuscripts), and have the opportunity practice the skills learned on their own texts (or some sample texts provided) and ask for help and feedback throughout the workshop as required. No prior experience in XML or coding is expected.

By the end of the workshop, students will have a working familiarity with TEI structures and vocabularies, and be able to articulate what models might be appropriate for specific editions.

You will need at least a basic text editor to do the exercises. We suggest that you download the oXygen ( XML editor, which is an integrated development environment for XML editing and publishing. You will need to request a 30-day free trial at

If you'd rather use a free text editor, Atom or Visual Studio Code would also suffice.

If you would rather not download software, there is also a web-based text editor for TEI XML: