The ICS is pleased to announce the publication of Can’t Touch This: Digital Approaches to Materiality in Cultural Heritage, a new open-access volume edited by Dr Chiara Palladino and our own Dr Gabriel Bodard.

In this edited volume, which is published by Ubiquity Press, academics and cultural heritage practitioners address important ethical and methodological debates in Digital Cultural Heritage, questions surrounding sustainability and accessibility of digital representations, pedagogical and public engagement, and the role of digital tools in the movements of decolonisation and restitution.

Chiara Palladino is Assistant Professor of Classics at Furman University. She works on the application of digital technologies to the study of ancient texts. Her current main interests are in the use of semantic annotation and modelling for the analysis of ancient spatial narratives, and in the implementation of NLP methods for reading and investigating historical languages.

Gabriel Bodard is Reader in Digital Classics at the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, and teaches Classics, Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage across the University of London Federation. His research includes standards for digital encoding of inscribed texts, especially from Northern Africa, applying linked open data to place and person records, 3D approaches to built heritage, and ancient religion and magic.

Can’t Touch This is published open-access and is thus free to download in PDF, Mobi or EPUB formats (available at: It is also possible to buy the volume in paperback; please visit for more details on purchase options.