Thursday 21 January 2021 

New publication: Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

A new online corpus of ancient inscriptions has been published by Professor Charlotte Roueché (Associate Fellow of the ICS) and Dr Gabriel Bodard (Reader in Digital Classics), along with Joyce Reynolds of the University of Cambridge:

Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica (abbreviated “IRCyr”), by Joyce M. Reynolds, Charlotte M. Roueché, Gabriel Bodard. Society for Libyan Studies, 2020. Available: <>. ISBN 978-1-912466-22-1.

This corpus of 2,400 ancient inscriptions from Cyrenaica—the Greek-speaking Roman province in what is now Eastern Libya—has been in development for over ten years, and includes material collected by Joyce Reynolds since the 1950s. The publication now forms part of a growing body of inscriptions from ancient Libya published online and interoperably, which includes Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania (also by Reynolds, Roueché and Bodard) and Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica/Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica (by Catherine Dobias-Lalou, Alice Bencivenni and others).

The editions in IRCyr are encoded in EpiDoc XML, and they are delivered through an online interface, with index, search and bibliographical concordance features. The online publication is based on the EFES platform, which was developed by Bodard and others at the ICS, and has been used by several other epigraphic and related corpora.