To link to the Combined Library website including the catalogue please click here. The Library has reopened following a period of closure because of the Covid-19 pandemic and details of library services currently offered can be found here. A list of open access resources can be found on the Library website. 

The Institute Library, run in conjunction with the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies, is housed on the third floor of Senate House, South Block. This world-class library is central to the Institute’s mission of research promotion and facilitation, for which we receive funding from Research England. With a dedicated staff of five permanent members plus our annual Sconul trainee, the Library comes under the overall umbrella of the University of London Senate House Libraries (SHL).

The Classics library currently contains 125,000 books and over 21,000 bound volumes of periodicals, virtually all on open shelves. About 2,000 monograph volumes are added annually; 645 periodical titles are currently taken, the majority by exchange. The whole forms an invaluable interdisciplinary tool serving all aspects of research in the ancient world.

Admission is open all members of the Institute, the Hellenic Society and Roman Society; however, borrowing rights are limited to members of the two Societies.

Library enquiries and issue desk: +44 (0)207 862 8709 or email: