The Institute of Classical Studies 3D Lab is connected to the activities of the School of Advanced Study’s 3D Centre, based in the ICS and IHR. We have access to a small selection of 3D hardware and software in the Institute and Library, and run a range of activities including training, awareness raising, and research into 3D applications for classics and archaeology.



  • Our 3D printer (a CraftBot 3 Wifi) lives in the Classics Library. (A sister printer, an Ultimaker 3 Extended, lives in the Institute of Historical Research.)
  • We have an Alienware Area51 PC with advanced graphics processor in the Library (not bookable via the desk; speak to Dr Bodard for access to this computer). This computer is able to process 3D files, e.g. to perform photogrammetry, several times faster than the regular PCs.
  • We also have several virtual reality (VR) headsets, several of which are portable units that enable you to use your smartphone as a VR device, but also including one HTC Vive System.
  • The computers in the Library’s electronic resources room have licenses for Agisoft Metashape, and are loaded with other 3D imaging and editing, modelling, and VR software.


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Other activities

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If you are interested in training, consultancy, collaborating on a research project, or any other involvement with the ICS 3D Lab, please get in touch with or For access to the Ehrenberg Collection, the electronic resources room, or the Classics Library's other resources, contact