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Organised by the 3 year AHRC funded Beyond Notability project in collaboration with the Victoria County History project and the Women’s Classical Committee, this online Wiki edit-a-thon will focus on improving representation of women contributors to the Victoria County History (VCH) project on Wikidata and Wikipedia. The session will provide attendees with training on creating Wikidata entries, and editing Wikipedia, alongside short presentations on Beyond Notability, the Victoria County History project, and the work of the Women’s Classical Committee. 

Founded in 1901, the Victoria County History project has been creating county-level histories of England for over a century. Each county’s history is the work of multiple contributors – writers, researchers and editors – responsible for producing number of volumes covering natural history, archaeology, and history from the earliest extant documents onwards, county by county. Since its early days the VCH has employed women as writers and researchers, including a few who focused on classical archaeology. Whether you’re interested in local history, women’s history or the history of classical scholarship (or all three!) come along and help us ensure these women’s lives and work are added into the public record. 

During the edit-a-thon, attendees will create/enhance Wikidata for some of these women, and improve Wikipedia entries for those already on Wikipedia, using sources provided through the VCH and the Beyond Notability project.

Booking is essential.