Diplomatic Spaces

Diplomatic Spaces

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Senate Room, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU


This multidisciplinary workshop will highlight some of the ways in which physical and meta-physical spaces have influenced the practice of diplomacy, from the ancient world to modern times. Drawing together classicists, international historians, cultural geographers and political scientists, this workshop will include speakers on the boundaries as well as the opportunities offered by urban public spaces, the peculiarities of exile and ‘alien space’, diplomacy in ‘private space’ in the form of summitry and the extraordinary freedom this can offer, the boundaries of language, and the challenges of cyberspace to diplomacy in today’s world.


14.00–15.30pm Chair: Dr J Simon Rofe, Global Diplomacy Programme Director, and Senior Lecturer in Diplomatic and International Studies at SOAS.
• Architectural/Urban Spaces: Hannah Cornwell, Institute of Classical Studies, SAS
• The Advantage of a Home Town: negotiating the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe settlement at Lancaster House: Dr Sue Onslow, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, SAS
• Negotiating in Exile: Professor Anita Prazmowska, speaking on challenges of diplomacy of the Polish government in exile

15.30–16.00pm Refreshments

16.00–17.30pm Chair: Professor Greg Woolf, Director, Institute of Classical Studies
• Religion in diplomatic spaces: Birgit Van Der Lans, University of Bergen.
• Diplomacy and Cultural Geography: Fiona McConnell, University of Oxford
• Cyber Space: Max Smeets, University of Oxford

Full programme with abstracts


Dr Hannah Cornwell
Institute of Classical Studies
Dr Sue Onslow
ICWS Senior Lecturer and Co-Investigator,
The Oral History of the Commonwealth Project
For additional information please contact sue.onslow@sas.ac.uk.