Barron Memorial Lectures

1st       2009  John Davies (Liverpool):   Building on Barron: the prospects for the study of pre-Islamic antiquity in the 21st century

2nd       2010  Chris Pelling (Oxford) : Herodotos and Samos

3rd       2011  Judith Herrin (KCL): Royal match-making in the Middle Ages

4th       2012  Panos Valavanis (Athens): Athletics and Politics in the ancient Greek games

5th        2014  Richard Janko (Michigan): Pithecusae, Methone and the early history of the Greek alphabet

6th        2015  Lin Foxhall (Leicester): Webs of knowledge: untangling the practices of textile production in ancient Greece

7th        2016  Thomas Harrison (Liverpool): Whatever happened to the barbarian?

8th        2017  Edith Hall (KCL): Classicist Foremothers and Why they Matter.

9th        2018  Angie Hobbs (Sheffield): Socrates, Eros and Magic

10th      2019  Charlotte Roueché (ICS/KCL): Forming/Informing the modern world? The role of classical scholarship