Seminar & Lecture Series

This section contains downloadable copies of the programmes for the Institute's regular seminar and lecture series.

  • Ancient History (Autumn Term 2019) - Gender and Sexuality from Livia to Theodora; (Spring Term 2020) - From a Hellenistic to a Roman World? The Long Second Century BC in Asia Minor and Aegean Greece
  • Ancient Philosophy (2019-20) - Happiness, language and fundamental metaphysics from the Presocratics to Hellenistic thinkers
  • Classical Archaeology (Autumn Term 2019) - Adriatic Connections; (Spring Term 2020) -  New frontiers: Archaeologies of cultural interaction in Iberian Antiquity
  • Classical Reception
  • Fellows' seminar (Autumn Term 2019); (Spring Term 2020)
  • Greek and Latin Literature (Autumn Term 2019) - Classical Literature: in Dialogue with Anthropology; (Spring Term 2020) - Palimpsests - Classical Literature in the second degree
  • Mycenaean Series (2019-20)
  • Postgraduate Work-in-Progress PGWIP -  for information about further Postgraduate Work in Progress seminars please contact the organizers at
  • Digital Classicist (meets Fridays at 4.30pm in the summer)
  • Accordia Lectures (2019-20)

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