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In light of the interdisciplinary significance of the work of Simon Goldhill since the 1980s, this conference will explore not only how his scholarship has shaped and will continue to shape the future of classical studies but also - and crucially - how his writing brings classical studies into touch with a wider range of debates in the arts and humanities. The symposium will examine how Classics can remain a vibrant and energetic discipline at the heart of the big intellectual questions. The symposium will take place at the ICS in London, the UK's national centre for the promotion and facilitation of research in Classics.

Organisers: Katie Fleming (QMUL -, Miriam Leonard (UCL -, Daniel Orrells (KCL –


11am: Arrival

11.15: Katie Fleming, Miriam Leonard, and Daniel Orrells: Welcome

11:30-12:45: Catherine Conybeare ((Bryn Mawr): ‘Classics and Religion’


14:00-15:15: Jas’ Elsner (Oxford/Chicago) and Michael Squire (Cambridge): ‘Classics and Materiality’


15:45-17:00: Helen Morales (University of California, Santa Barbara): ‘Classics and Feminism’

17:00-18:15: Jon Hesk (St Andrews): ‘Classics and the City’

Response and Closing Remarks

Reception and Dinner (for speakers, respondents, and organisers)