Sunoikisis Digital Classics: Text Encoding II: Objects

Sunoikisis Digital Classics: Text Encoding II: Objects
28 October 2021, 4.15pm - 5.45pm
Research Training

Convenors: Gabriel Bodard (U of London), Scott DiGiulio (Mississippi State) 

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In session we will build on the discussion in "Text Encoding I: EpiDoc," where we presented the encoding of transcribed text (including translation and editorial corrections), by showing how EpiDoc and TEI XML can be used to encode the physical description, provenance and curation history, and other metadata about inscribed and other artefacts. We will give examples from several projects, and show concrete instruction on encoding dates, locations of objects, physical description and dimensions of objects and the text itself. Students will have the opportunity to carry out an exercise to encode descriptive and historical information in an XML editor.


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