Sunoikisis Digital Classics: Text Encoding I: EpiDoc

Sunoikisis Digital Classics: Text Encoding I: EpiDoc
14 October 2021, 4.15pm - 5.45pm
Research Training

Convenors: Gabriel Bodard (U of London), Polina Yordanova (Helsinki) 

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In this session we will introduce the principles of XML markup for transcriptions and critical editions of ancient texts, using the example of TEI EpiDoc XML for encoding documentary texts such as inscriptions and papyri. After a brief introduction to the principles of epigraphic text editing and the Leiden System, we will give an overview of the rules of XML, and introduce the XML text editing tool Oxygen. We will then introduce a few important features of EpiDoc XML encoding that go beyond the simple brackets and sigla of Leiden, including abbreviations, complex lacunae, and editorial corrections. An exercise will be available for students to try out the encoding skills for themselves, including the option to display your results in the EpiDoc publication platform EFES.


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