Sunoikisis Digital Classics: Publishing 3D models and intellectual property

Sunoikisis Digital Classics: Publishing 3D models and intellectual property
4 March 2021, 4.00pm - 5.15pm
Research Training

Tom Flynn (SketchFab), Dinusha Mendis (Bournemouth University), Alicia Walsh (Recollection Heritage)

We will begin with a brief introduction for options for distributing 3D models, and a summary of what 3D printing involves and can be useful for. As 3D capture and content production become simpler and more widely adopted, a natural consequence is that producers of said content seek to publish that content both for viewing the 3D data and making the 3D data available for download. Numerous platforms now exist for publishing interactive 3D models online, each taking different approaches meeting the needs of 3D content publishers with regards to accepted 3D file formats, display options, user agreements and content licensing. This section of the session will give a broad overview of online publishing platforms for 3D content and a more in depth look at how has approached these topics. Drawing on the results of a project completed for the European Commission, the the final part of this session will consider the IP implications arising from 3D printing and 3D scanning, with particular focus on copyright and cultural organisations. In doing so, the presentation will give an insight into the IP implications surrounding the 3D printing and scanning process, from the perspective of designing a CAD file to sharing, printing and distributing it.

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