Women in Antiquity: Women Disrupting the Patriarchy

Women in Antiquity: Women Disrupting the Patriarchy
12 January 2021, 5.00pm - 1 June 2021, 6.00pm
Conference / Symposium

A series of short online events held between 12 January and 1 June. The pre-recorded videos (for all sessions except the keynotes) will be uploaded to the conference website at https://www.wacconference.net/videos. To view the videos it is necessary to create an account.

For details and booking information see:

12 January https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23380

26 January https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23381

9 February https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23383

23 February https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23384

9 March https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23385

23 March https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23386

6 April https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23387

20 April https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23388

4 May https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23389

18 May https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23390

1 June https://ics.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23391

Booking is essential for each session.



Valerie James
020 7862 8716