Digital Approaches to Regionality in the Western Provinces

Digital Approaches to Regionality in the Western Provinces
2 November 2018, 10.00am - 5.00pm
Bedford Room, G37, Ground Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Event programme:

Organizers: Paula Granados, Alex Mullen and Rada Varga


The western provinces cover a vast area with complex regional patterning. Exploring these provinces, their interactions, discrepant experiences and developments is essential to our understanding of the Roman world. Scholarship on ‘provincial Roman culture’ dates back centuries, but our theoretical and methodological approaches have changed significantly and the evidence now available to study these communities has reached what can seem like unmanageable proportions. Scholars have turned to digital resources to help manage and interrogate this material, but instead of solving our problems they have raised their own. This workshop invites short presentations from those employing digital approaches to help understand the western provinces, in which they will explain their work, share their aspirations and ideas on best practice and describe their frustrations. The roundtable discussions will allow us to consider, amongst other things:

-      the digital resources currently available, which work well and where the gaps lie;

-    the poor visibility of many digital resources, the problem of repeated work and the barriers to using existing resources;

-      the power of linked data and how to facilitate its spread;

-   new techniques and resources which may help in the collection, interrogation, presentation and long-term curation of data;

-      how best to use digital resources in analysis and synthesis, especially how to cope with patchy data;

-      possible international research collaborations, PhD positions and funding opportunities;

-      whether a larger event on the same theme might be useful.

Spaces are limited, but please contact to reserve a place.



Valerie James
020 7862 8716