Clay, marble, pixels: the house

Clay, marble, pixels: the house
21 November 2018, 3.00pm - 5.00pm
IHR Research Training Room, N318, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

This interactive event will focus on the materiality of domestic spaces in Roman times. It will begin with a short introductory talk aimed at a non-specialist audience, illustrating the shape and organisation of Roman villas and what this might tell us about the people that lived there. There will then be a hands-on session in which participants will be walked through the use of the most popular features of the free and user-friendly 3D software Sketchup. Taking inspiration from the talk and from additional iconographic material, attendees will be invited to apply some beginners’ 3D modelling skills to create their own Roman villa in 3D. The aim of the events is to promote a playful and creative approach to ancient artefacts, rather than to teach how to produce accurate digital models of historical artefacts.

The attendees will be invited to take inspiration from the historical sources, but also to reinvent shapes and spatial relationships in order to produce an entirely personal digital output. The training will include the use of free online libraries of pre-made digital objects to enhance the models. Attendees will be free to choose if they prefer to follow accuracy or to generate amusing historical paradoxes, featuring, for example, modern furniture in ancient buildings, or placing Victorian coaches in prehistoric cities.

This event is the ideal complement of the previous “Clay, Marble and Pixels: the City” but it is completely autonomous. The 3D modelling session though, assumes a basic knowledge of 3D modelling principles.

The event will take place in a computer room. Limited availability.

Part of the Being Human Festival 2018.


Valerie James
020 7862 8716