Small grants - usually between £250 and £500 in value - are available to support conferences and workshops throughout the UK. Preference will be given to proposals for meetings on innovative and interdisciplinary themes, or on emerging or endangered subjects. These grants are not intended to fund graduate conferences, but early career researchers are encouraged to apply. Recurrent events that have received support in the past will not normally be eligible for repeat funding in subsequent years.

Applications should be made by conference organizers on the form [DOC] provided. Grants must be used exclusively to support specific academic aspects of the conference, such as allowing a distinguished international scholar to be invited to speak. ICS funding should not be used to subsidise attendance fees or to cover catering costs. Applicants will be expected to have already approached local sources of support in their own institutions. Decisions will be made by committee four times a year. Applicants are advised to apply well in advance of the proposed conference dates. Applications should be sent to

Future deadlines are: 

1st October 2022

1st December 2022

1st March 2023

1st June 2023

Please note that the Institute is unable to give grants for individuals to attend conferences.