The George Grote Prize in Ancient History is offered every year by the Institute of Classical Studies from the fund bequeathed by the late Professor V. L. Ehrenberg. The Prize of £3000 will be awarded for an original and hitherto unpublished study on a topic in ancient history, preferably Greek or Hellenistic history. Ancient history may be taken to include related topics in historiography, archaeology and art history. If in doubt about the suitability of a topic, please consult the Chair.

The prize is open to current research students of the University of London who have completed no more than four years of full-time research (or the part-time equivalent) by 31 August of the current calendar year. Previous winners of the prize may not enter again. Nor may candidates submit the same piece of work more than twice. Entries will be judged by the George Grote Prize Committee, made up of teachers of ancient history within the University of London.

Candidates are asked to submit one chapter of their MPhil or PhD thesis (up to a maximum of 10,000 words including footnotes but excluding bibliography) and an abstract of the thesis in progress. Before entering, all candidates must consult their supervisor about the appropriateness of their entry, and every entry must be accompanied by the supervisor’s signed approval.

Entries (in the form of electronic attachment, preferably in PDF format) should arrive no later than 4pm on Friday 25 March 2022 to: Valerie James, Institute of Classical Studies, The winner will be announced in May.

Prof. Hans van Wees
Chair, George Grote Prize Committee