The ICS aims to promote and facilitate research in classical studies in the widest possible terms throughout the UK and beyond, and to do so with special attention to encouraging interdisciplinary and innovative research.

It aims to do this in the following ways:

1. To maintain a world class research library in partnership with the Hellenic and Roman Societies.

2. To contribute to the internationalization of UK research in the Classics, for example by bringing distinguished scholars and early career researchers to the UK as visiting fellows and to participate in UK based research projects and events.

3. To produce a suite of web-¬≠resources and hard copy publications designed to provide resources for future  research.

4. To run research skills training courses and events, mainly in partnership with other SAS institutes, with IROs, with our current partners in LAHP and future doctoral training partnerships, and with national associations and societies.

5. To support a number of regular seminar series in London covering the main areas of the classics to include classical literatures and philosophy, ancient history and classical archaeology.

6. To support a number of externally organized conferences and seminar series and to share in organizing a small number of workshops and conferences, especially in emerging and endangered fields, and in areas of interdisciplinary research.

7. To support a small number of excellent quality research projects and networks.

8. To contribute to the Public Understanding of Research in the Classics.

ICS works mainly through partnerships. Our key partners include the London classical departments, the Hellenic and Roman Societies, the Classical Association, the CUCD, Classics for all, BASIS institutes especially those in Athens and Rome, the British Museum and the British Library.

June 2015