The ICS has been associated with Mycenaean studies since its foundation in 1953. In that year it hosted its first seminar on Linear B, a seminar series which has continued to the present day as the Mycenaean Seminar. The Mycenaean Seminar has grown to include all aspects of Aegean Bronze Age studies and the Mycenaean Studies Advisory Committee is responsible for its organisation, in consultation with the ICS. The Committee also acts as the advisory panel for the annual Ventris Award and advises on the archives associated with Michael Ventris and the Mycenaean Seminar. Committee members have varied interests within the study of the Aegean Bronze Age.


Dr Lisa Bendall (Oxford)
Dr Yannis Galanakis (Cambridge) (Chair)
Dr Olga Krzyszkowska (ICS)
Dr Borja Legarra-Herrero (UCL) (from October 2022)
Dr Andrew Shapland (Ashmolean Museum)

A list of past winners of the Ventris Award can be found here.

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