Advisory Council Membership


Professor Catherine Steel (Glasgow)

Ex officio members

Professor Jo Fox, Dean of the School of Advanced Study
Professor Katherine Harloe, Director of the Institute
Professor Paul Cartledge (President, The Hellenic Society) (to June 2024)
Dr Margaret Mountford (President, The Hellenic Society) (from June 2024)
Professor Roy Gibson (President, The Roman Society)
Professor Douglas Cairns (Chair of the Council of the Classical Association) (to end March 2024)
Professor Judith Mossman (Chair of the Council of the Classical Association) (from end March 2024)
Professor Bill Sherman, Director of the Warburg Institute

Representatives from University of London departments and UK Universities

Professor Esther Eidinow (Bristol) (to end December 2023)
Dr Maria Fragoulaki (Cardiff) (to end December 2023)
Professor Renaud Gagné (Cambridge) (to end April 2027)
Dr Benjamin Gray (Birkbeck) (to end October 2026)
Dr Fiona Hobden (Liverpool) (to end December 2023)
Professor Alex Mullen (Nottingham) (to end April 2027)
Dr Joanna Paul (Open University) (to end April 2027)
Dr Hannah Platts (RHUL) (to end December 2025)
Dr Kelli Rudolph (Kent) (to end April 2027)
Dr Benet Salway (UCL) (to end December 2024)
Professor Alison Sharrock (Manchester) (to end December 2023)
Dr Joseph Skinner (Newcastle) (to end December 2025)
Professor Michael Trapp (KCL) (to end December 2024)

Nominees of other national Classical bodies

Professor Alison Cooley (British School at Rome) (to end May 2024)
Professor Abigail Brundin (British School at Rome (from end May 2024)
Professor Robin Osborne (British School at Athens)
Dr Victoria Solomonidis (formerly Hellenic Foundation for Culture, UK)
A Cultural Attaché (The Italian Embassy) - Vacancy

Two representatives from national libraries and/or museums

Dr Margaret Maitland (National Museums Scotland) (to end April 2027)
Mr Andrew Parkin (Great North Museum: Hancock) (to end October 2025)

Postgraduate student representatives

Ms Megan Bowler (Oxford) (to end April 2026)
Mr Euan Bowman (ICS) (to end April 2026)
Mr Giuseppe Ficocelli (ICS) (to end December 2023)

Early Career Researchers

Dr Michele Bianconi (Oxford) (from October 2024 to end September 2026)
Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts (KCL) (to end September 2024)
Dr Sanja Vucetic (Sheffield) (to end April 2026)

A member of the academic staff of the Institute

Dr Gabriel Bodard