Pelagios Commons

Thursday 9 March 2017

Pelagios image

The ICS is very pleased to announce that it is now one of the host institutions of Pelagios Commons, and that the Community Manager Valeria Vitale is employed as a Research Fellow here. This brings us into a network of hosts that includes the Open University, University of Lancaster, the Austrian Institute of Technology, and the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society.

The international project, currently in a sixth phase of funding and a second with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation uses Linked Open Data to create a digital network of resources based on references to places that they have in common with each other. The project has over 40 partners, including the British Museum, The Pleiades Gazetteer of the Ancient World, the British Library and the iDAI. Pelagios Commons has also developed an online, free-to-use tool for annotating texts and images (like maps), Recogito and the award-winning data visualisation platform, Peripleo. Pelagios Commons is also about linking people as well as data. For more information see the project’s website, or contact