Digital Publications

In conjunction with our publishing partner, Wiley-Blackwell, our publications are now being made available on-line.

Our journal, BICS, is now published on-line at the same time as it appears in its traditional printed format. Check the contents of our latest issue, which also has links to free access articles. All earlier volumes of BICS are now available on-line. Articles are available in HTML and pdf formats. For access, check the Wiley-Blackwell website. Two virtual issues have now been published.

Our Supplements include monographs, conference proceedings, newly edited texts, and the publication of international research projects. Supplements are made available on-line subject to a 'rolling wall', currently 3-4 years. Most of our Supplements, from the very first to Supplement 105 are now available on-line. Access is through the Wiley-Blackwell website.

Look out for our News items for podcasts and other on-line publications.